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Mole Valley LETS welcomes trading in any goods or services, especially when it helps to maintain the balance of our local ecology or promotes the conservation of our environment. Some examples are car sharing, co-operative shopping, organic produce and land-management skills. LETS also identifies under-used community resources and is a way of rewarding volunteers for their time and effort. LETS encourages local awareness and self-reliance in overcoming local problems, while helping to create new social networks and innovative ways of meeting together.

At the moment the main activity i a monthly trading morning where a trading sheet records all transactions between members. The unis of exchange are called "Dorks". Previously LETS members are given a Dorks cheque book and a regularly updated directory of the skills and goods available through the scheme. Nowadays this is more likely to be done with a Facebook page and emails to the administrator to record transactions. Unlike a one-to-one barter system, LETS allows members to run up credit with one member and spend it with another.

Anyone in the local community can become a member of LETS: businesses, families, individuals, professionals, the unskilled, etc.

LETS IS A WORLDWIDE MOVEMENT, working in many countries. In the UK there were an estimated 450 local groups, and a national organisation at http://www.letslinkuk.org/

THE THEORY OF LETS is that a LETS scheme is good for 'capacity building' at a local level. It helps to build community, and it resists the centralising effect of government and 'big-business' - food in particular can be exchanged locally between people who trust each other, and it is not controlled by 'big-business'.

To join, or for more information, email info@lets-mole-valley.org.uk