A Dorking Hen
Mole Valley LETS

How to Join:

MEMBERSHIP used to cost £5 (£3 for the less prosperous).

However, we are in transition, as the costs are now so low now nearly everything is done by email, and information is on the internet. Please email the organiser if you would like to join !

Please click on this link to download the membership application form

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For your membership fee of £5, you used to receive the following:

Your Dorks chequebook
The members' directory, which is revised twice a year
Access to the email list server system
You can attend the monthly trading mornings (we hope to add other evening meetings too)
You can use the members' areas of the forum to exchange goods and services
You get an annual 'statement of account' of all your transactions

None of this happens any more !!!

However, you must still agree:-

To keep confidential the member details found in the directory
To keep a reasonable balance between income and expenditure of Dorks
To describe the produce you exchange accurately (e.g. if it is NOT organic or not home-grown, you must say so)

To join, download and print out the application form and send it with your cheque for £5 to the Secretary, whose address is on the form

If you want more information, please email