A Dorking Hen
Mole Valley LETS

Here are some extracts from the Directory of Services

This will give you an idea of the potential of the scheme (we have 50+ members, but we don't want to put their names or phone numbers on the internet, for obvious reasons)

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Category Offered Requested
Animal Care Holiday homes for small pets Help with animal rights stall
Building Services Furniture making and Restoration Moving Furniture, DIY help, electrical repairs
Business Services Computer skills tuition, proofreading, word processing, scanning, DTP, etc.  
Catering and food

Organic bread, apples in season, cake making, waitressing, etc.

Organic fruit and vegetables
Clothing, textiles Baby clothes, knitting, sewing To knit homespun wool
Arts and Crafts Write articles, mosaic design, poetry Work experience in film
Domestic Short-term accomodation, baby sitting, ironing, spring cleaning, wash machine, etc. Cleaning, dusting, darning, ironing, etc.
For Hire Compost shredder, washing machine, studio, Camcorder, apple press, rotavator
Gardening Gooseberry and blackcurrant bushes, design, advice, plants in season Fruit cage, hedge cutting, garden help
Therapies Shiatsu, homeopathy, massage, life coaching, reiki, reflexology, etc. Complementary therapies, massage
Performing arts Tuition in Belly Dancing, folk fiddle, guitar, piano, music theory  
Sport and Social Tuition in Aikido, scuba diving. Meeting facilities, walks companions  
Transport 'Taxi', man with van, lifts  
Tuition Biology, clarinet, massage, training skills  

Many of the members are professionals in their fields and they have to make a living. So, they often charge their fee in 1/2 Dorks, 1/2 real money. Similarly, if someone makes a cake with ingredients that cost £3, they will often pass on the 'real money' cost of materials, plus 'their time' charged in Dorks.

Dorks are what you make of them - the more you put in, the more you get out !

To join, or for more information, email info@lets-mole-valley.org.uk